Tuesday, 15 December 2009

U-turns and tinsel

Am pink of cheeks as I retract my last blog post. It seems we are not ones for big life changes after all and are rather fond of our little rut. After what seems like aeons of soul searching we decided to stick with plan A at least until the children are able to fend for themselves a little better. To be honest the family are all pretty settled, the boys love their school and the babies are happy with my new nanny, work is going fine for me, so my other half didn't want to rock the boat for purely self gratifying motives.

It's much harder for him to admit that he is having to postpone his dreams, and I really feel for him. I admire him for putting his needs last and the family's first. I hope that he can be happy in making this selfless move so that we can all remain blissfully static. I guess this means I will have to be nice to him for a while. Or at least ply him with alcohol on a regular basis.

Anyway, back to the much more important issue in hand. It's almost Christmas, and although work is insisting on continuing up to the bitter end all this freezing weather is putting me in a festive frame of mood. I am a little disappointed by the poor show of nativity plays, son number two did a fifteen minute display that saw the little ones warble a few verses of Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells before being hustled off stage to spare the tinies from getting too bored. I felt short changed as he is leaving this nursery at the end of term so this was his last nursery nativity.

Still at least he got to do one, eldest son has been deemed too old for the three kings and all that jazz, so it's no Christmas play at all. Apparently us parents have to be content with the harvest assembly they did earlier in the year. Still it's better than a friend's daughter whose school decided that the most festive party piece they could put on was a rendition of The Godfather. Presumably the seasonal twist was that it was a reindeer rather than a horses' head that found its way under the covers?


  1. These things are very complicated, so don't be pink of cheek for too long. It would have been awful if you'd been saying to husband "but we've absolutely GOT to do Plan B now, as I've written a blog post about it".

  2. That is the thing with 3am plans. The cold light of day and sensibleness can kill them. The husband is indeed a very great man to be able to put all of those dreams to one side for the moment. Sounds like you made the right choice for now. Later.. well.. we wait to see!

  3. You don't need to be embarrassed! These are never easy decisions.

    I can't believe the school doing The Godfather - did Santa get an offer he couldn't refuse..?

  4. Mmm, alcohol. What's it to be tonight?

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  6. The Godfather? What's that all about?! I too feel bereft of nativity as pre-school didn't do one. Boooo :( May have to put tea-towels on the boys heads myself just to make myself feel better. Have a wonderful christmas and hope your decisions work out for you all. x

  7. I think you need quite a few of those life changing conversations before you happen across the right path for all of you. Good for you guys for ruminating and taking time. It would be awful if he chucked everything in and then felt that he had pursued his own dreams while his family paid the cost. He would never be able to enjoy it properly. Better to do what you are doing and take some time.
    As I'm in NZ it's hot and sunny here and the idea of carol concerts are met with raised eyebrows so I am learning that feeling festive here involves sausages on the beach and our little town being filled with brown, lithe (childless) beauties parading round with their washboard tummies out for all the surfers to see.
    I am humming We 3 Kings like a good little English girl