Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mother love

It's Mother's Day on Sunday. Something my husband greets with much groaning and moaning, as being the dutiful son he is he takes this day quite seriously. There will be bunches of flowers and cards for his ma and his grandma, and the last thing he needs is another mother, this time of his sons, to make a fuss of, as was illustrated by his long face at the prospect of this special day.

Therefore I decided to put the whole shebang into the hands of a far more willing volunteer, thought whether my husband will really thank me for this remains to be seen. You see for my oldest son the prospect of making a fuss of mummy is heaven, as he is currently in a seriously loved up phase.

Last week he visited a friend and impressed his little playmate's mum no end by spending most of his time there crafting a heart-bedecked card to his own mummy, which he spells out as Heart u Heart Heart y (it works better with pictures, honest), declaring 'You are the best. I love you'. He topped this when he sneaked out to the playroom in the garage and whipped up a letter, with a perfectly crafted cut-out pink heart on the front, which read 'To mummy. I love you. You are the best. If I had a chois of mummys I'd choos you. I'd love to have a night together'.

This last a reference to our much postponed date, planned as a reward for a top notch school report, but so far not actually organised. Clearly I am not worthy of such praise.

Still who better to arrange a mummy worship fest than its current high priest, my perfect little firstborn. The only thing is he does have a tendency to let power go to his head, and ever since I uttered the words 'You are in charge', he has been bossing his poor younger brother and father around mercilessly. He seems to have grand plans of some complex military-style maneuver dedicated to his beloved mum.

Perhaps next year my husband will decide that it is better to leave the organisation of Mother's Day in his capable hands, even if it does mean triple the burden, at least he won't have to put up with the bossing as well.


  1. what a great idea! I am sure my first born would take it all seriously too! Mothers Day is going to go unnoticed in this house, because it doesn't coincide with the American Day...maybe I should have been campaigning for it. Oh well. Bit late now.

  2. Aw I would have thought that would be an excuse to have two mother's days.