Tuesday, 6 April 2010

And the winner was...

(sneaks in stage left, with a flustered, guilty air) I am so sorry to have left everyone on tenterhooks over the Easter break without updating you on who won the Year 1 bonnet competition. I know you will hardly have been able to concentrate on your chocolate eggs. So to put you out of your misery the winner was a little girl with a lovely, very sophisticated bonnet decorated with feathery strips of coloured card.

It was a delight, and while I wouldn't swear she made it all by herself, after once having been caught by her before a parents evening, and been treated to half an hour of conversation as a result it's more than possible. The girl genuinely is an intellectual giant, albeit a garrulous one, so I will not pee on her parade as it's more than possible that this prodigy really did make her wonder hat.

Phew, now you can return to whatever it was you were doing with your curiosity sated.


  1. Phew, the excitement was nearly killing me.

  2. Well I am glad to have finally been able to report back.