Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic relief

I am sure the school was pleased with the joke they played on us poor parents in aid of charity today, with the decision to invite the children to come into the classroom for breakfast at 8:30am accompanied by their harried parents. As if we don't have enough trouble brushing teeth, getting dressed and feeding and watering four children without sadistic schemes like this being dreamt up to trip us up on the school run. 

I will admit the kids did look sweet all dressed up in their PJs. Although I am not sure that the sight of the school caretaker cutting a dash in his Wee Willie Winkie nightshirt is something I ever want to start my day with again.  

But perhaps it was marginally less scary than the sight of all of us mums pre-caffeine and Touch Eclat application, although to be fair the school had instructed us to wear something funny, and looking at our collective shiny-faced exhaustion at this interruption of our normal routine it was either laugh or cry. 

Perhaps next year we should put up a petition that we would all chuck in our pound into the collection bucket to be able to start the day half an our later, rather than earlier - after all they do say charity begins at home. 

1 comment:

  1. Ah - we were let off that sort of sadistic tomfoolery.

    Instead it was wear something funny/red and the teachers pulled the short straw and were all dressed as school children.