Tuesday, 28 April 2009

You know you're getting old when....

Perhaps its just looking after four children that makes me feel so old all of a sudden, but there are more and more signs that I am getting a bit long in the tooth that I am finding it hard to ignore. So in the spirit of list making I decided to record everything that is making me feel ancient at the moment, feel free to add your own thoughts: 

You know you're getting old when:

1. The edgy young comediennes of your youth are getting lifetime achievement awards. See French & Saunders at the Baftas. 

2. Your entire teenage music collection ends up on a music retrospective show. 

3. You remember Now that's what I call Music 1 coming out on double cassette. 

4. You know what a mix tape is. 

5. You remember when the BBC was polite enough to explain what colours were for 'Viewers in black and white', and when telly wasn't on 24/7 and you spent hours staring at that girl and her gollywog and gollywog wasn't a dirty word. 

6. TV footage from your younger days looks as old as Pathe news reports did when you were little. I saw a show from the early days of Spandau Ballet in 1979 and it looked like ancient history, but I was eight at the time. 

7. You lived in a time before the internet, email and mobile phones. 

8. You find yourself baffled and slightly angered by txt spk. 

10. The grey hairs are beginning to outnumber your natural colour. 

11. A blue rinse and beige slacks don't seem like such a bad look after all. 

PS If you find yourself agreeing with number 11, it's time to think about a one-way trip to Switzerland. 


  1. Ha ha. Like it. Yes I remember Now That's What I Call Music 1...I think it was the only tape(s) we had at one of my birthday parties. We were such groovers! And I remember having a debate at school about whether breakfast TV would work or not - I was on the 'or not' team and all I could think of was that it might distract you from your breakfast and you'd end up spilling your cornflakes down your front! Definitely didn't think it would catch on...

  2. Not only do you know what a mix tape is, you remember how long it took to make one.

  3. The doctor looks at you askance and checks your birth date when you ask him about contraceptive options. LOL post MH

  4. The 'PS' really made me giggle.

    I remember Father bringing home a large, brick-type object that he was showing off - it was one of the first mobile phones. It had a huge aerial that stuck out from the top that almost poked your eye out.

    We used to laugh at him for ringing Mother whilst on the train to come and pick him up from the station.

    Now we laugh if someone uses a telephone box!

  5. The intelligent design of caring:-

    suppose a bird takes pride in the presentation of his mating dance
    suppose a bird feels the loss of chicks taken by a rat
    suppose a bird remembers the source of a particular food
    suppose a bird is conscious of what it does
    suppose a bird is conscious of what it feels.