Tuesday, 28 April 2009

You're it

Caring for my children has once again distracted me from writing about them, but now I have been tagged by two of my favourite bloggers Nappy Valley Girl and Are we nearly there yet mummy?  which has forced me to return to neglecting my children in favour of my keyboard. 

Tagging reminds me of my own playground years when it was social suicide to remain 'it' for too long and as I  have been delaying for a couple of days now, I am the equivalent of Norma No Mates, so I'd best get down to it and reveal more about me, me, me....

1. What are your current obsessions? 
At the risk of sounding obvious as a mother of four small children they are, in no particular order, sleep, wine and chocolate.  

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? 
I'd have to say it was my old faithful 'big' jeans. Though this would imply that such a thing as small jeans existed, and I'd hate to mislead my readers. 

3. Last dream you had? 
Anxiety dreams 'r' us supplied the following gem last night in which I had a  huge row with my (Jewish) father-in-law in which he accused me of being a Nazi. Work that one out if you will. 

4. Last thing you bought? 
I am sure some bloggers can offer glamorous answers like a to-die-for pair of Jimmy Choos or similar, but I last bought nappies, a bottle of Colief (in the vain hope that Zach would stop screaming through every feed) and a birthday present for a four-year-old. They don't call me predictable for nothing you know. 

5. What are you listening to? 
My three-year-old screaming up the stairs "Can I watch TV now mumma?"

6. If you were a goddess, who would you be? 
Well I'd like to say a domestic one, but again I don't wish to mislead, and one glance at my post-twins belly is all the answer I need, it'd have to be buddha. 

7. Favourite holiday spots? 
A question to which the answer has changed immeasurably since I had children. Pre-children a remote hillside in Umbria or a shopping break in New York, post-children anywhere that provides crayons with every meal, out-of-work actors dressed as their favourite TV characters and a good babysitting service. 

8. Reading right now? 
Oh dear, I blush to admit that the most I can manage is trashy magazines at the moment and I just can't get enough of the ups and downs of the likes of Jordan and Kerry courtesy of Closer. But I did just finish Jane Moore's Perfect Match a twisted tale about a designer baby, which was ultimately rather far fetched, but quite gripping along the way. 

9. Four words to describe yourself
Exhausted, shattered, tired, repetative.

10. Guilty pleasure
Drinking far more units than is good for me. 

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you are weak? 

12. Most treasured possession? 
Love letters from my boys. 

13. Planning to travel to next? 
After many miserable childhood holidays there, I swore I'd never do it, but needs must during the credit crunch, and I admit reluctantly that it's Wales. 

14. Best thing  you ate or drank recently? 
A half bottle of Ruinart champagne, courtesy of their PR. Delicious and if you stick to it all night you don't get a hangover the next day. Honest, I tried it out on a press trip many moons ago. 

15. When did you last get tipsy? 
Sunday evening. Smirnoff is quite right, vodka and ginger ale really does make a killer Moscow Mule. 

16. Favourite film ever? 
It's a Beautiful Life or Iron Man, I can't quite decide....

17. Care to share some wisdom? 
Hope for the best, expect the worst and take what comes. 

18. Song you can't get out of your head? 
Five little speckled frogs. 

19. Thing you are looking forward to? 

20. What makes you proud? 
My boys and (very occasionally) my work. 

Rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 8 people. 

You're it: 

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  1. Yeah - thanks for the tag. I had problems deciding who to tag in the end because I'd seen that half my blogging pals had already been tagged!!