Thursday, 6 August 2009

He's on a roll

Big news chez FDMTG, at four days shy of six months twin one has learned how to roll. At first he kept his new skill under wraps and the only evidence was that every time I left him alone, on his back, on a play mat, I would return to find him balancing on his round little tummy, head in the air looking around for the applause he knew was his due for being so very clever. I think perhaps he was trying to perfect the little shimmy required to get over his pesky arm, as this morning he finally revealed all, and with a couple of hefty wriggles he rolled like a little Weeble right over onto his tummy for all his family to see.

Much cheering and clapping ensued to congratulate him, though I will admit a dark thought crossing my mind, because this is the first step towards movement, a stage which fills me with apprehension. Chasing around after one half mobile, seriously curious child was a trial I would rather forget, trying to keep tabs on two sends trickles of chilly terror down my spine. Still so far twin two shows no signs of giving up his favourite prone position, preferring to doze peacefully and leave it to his brother to battle with his physical limitations.

I think the first suggestion of perambulation is my cue to return to work and hand the problem over to someone else.


  1. I'm not surprised the thought of two adventurers off on an explore throughout the house sends shivers down your spine. It is sending shivers down mine, and I only ever had to deal with one! Congrats to the boy though, good going.

  2. I can quite see why you are scared by the idea of two on the move....but it's so cute when they start rolling!

  3. Oh dear! The movement starts and you will need your running shoes on!

    Only a year between my youngest two and they still run off in different directions....

    Invest in leads of some sort!

    Congrats on little man though - they are very cute at this age. RMxx

  4. Hiya - for some reason, I have selective memory about this time! I remember Emily pulled herself up and walked a day before her first birthday and Melissa walked at 16 months. I remember getting pissed off with people asking me if I was worried about Melly being 'behind' and I remember someone suggesting we get reigns but we never did. Like a lot of things, I do think the fear/apprehension is worse than the reality but you know I am saying that from the safety of my daughters being a lot older. Good luck with it all. The one thing I do remember of course is being permanently knackered so am thinking of you. When will you brighten my morning on the GMTV sofa again? :)