Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sweet dreams

I am a stickler for sleep. I am so terrified that relaxing my routine would result in endless sleepless nights, thereby turning me into a ravening, child hating zombie, that I never, ever give in to the temptation to wrap my babies up inside my arms at night and let their soft baby snuffles lull me to sleep.

But tonight I was in for a rare treat. Thanks to a mammoth nap today the babies were both awake when I went in for my nightly check. Jonah was predictably tied up in knots with his blanket, being physically incapable of stillness, but when he heard the door creak open his twisted out of his cocoon to face me and as soon as his dark eyes spotted me a smile split his face in two, cheeks bursting out in rotund joy like two perfect, tiny apples.

He made that 'I'm so happy to see you' chirrup and pumped his tiny arms and legs in an ecstatic greeting. He was so irresistible that I confess to breaking all the rules and scooping him out of his cot and covering him with kisses until he was bubbling with giggles. His body warm and soft from his bed and his gummy smile wide at this unforeseen nighttime cuddle.

The occupant of cot next door was clearly disturbed by all the fun and games as I noticed a pair of blue eyes were creasing up in a hello smile, while soft gurgles and squeaks suggested that it was now time for twin two's turn in mummy's arms.

There is nothing more delicious than an illicit kiss and snuggle in the darkness of the babies' room. The night air is a fug of milky sweet baby smells, their sleepy bodies seem to melt into your arms, while their adoring eyes shine out in the dim light dancing with amusement at this special midnight treat.


  1. I have to tell you that I LOVE the name Jonah. Nearly called our second Jonah, (but Husband preferred Jonas, and we couldn't agree on either, so ditched the idea). Always thought that it would give the child the flexibility to be Joe, or Jon, or indeed Jonah, when older and in a frame of mind to choose.

  2. And Jonah in the Bible is such a glorious anti-hero. Quite my favourite story and character.

  3. I love the name Jonah too, we were looking for something a bit different as we were so sick of all the names you constantly hear shouted out in the playgrounds where we live. Plus they were all taken already as we have our own Max, which is probably the most popular, a cousin Joshua, the other top name, Jonah's twin is Zach, another favourite and we have friends with Noah.

  4. Noah to me is an old man with a beard. Jonah is a feisty young thing, a free-thinker, a man of daring, with a really bolshy side to him. Love it.

  5. Well let's just say his name suits him!