Friday, 14 August 2009

Twice as nice

The other day I foolishly took my twins to my local Tesco, it took me over two hours to get around as in every aisle I was stopped by someone who wanted to coo over the twins and share some horror story about someone they knew who had twins. As ever, while they admired my gorgeous duo, they had nothing but negative things to say about being a mummy of two at a time.

I think this perception of having twins as being a nightmare is put about by mums of just one who can't imagine what it would be like to meet doubled demands. I understand as I felt exactly the same way when I had just the one baby, but I know this attitude scared the hell out of me when I was pregnant and a new mum to my two, so I thought that for once, instead of contributing to the vast body of work about how downright dreadful they are, I would list just a few random thoughts about what's wonderful about twins.

For all the moments when my twins scream and shout at the same time, there are those where their gurgling giggles ring out together, when I play peekaboo and not one, but two gummy smiles light up or when I walk into their room in the morning and two pairs of eyes greet me, crinkling into a sleepy, slow, hello smile.

When I leave my two on the playmat, only to come back and find that they are holding hands, toys discarded beside them as one another's fingers are far more fun. Or when they gaze in absolute fascination at each other, CBeebies, burbling forgotten in the background.

Or when I came downstairs to find twin one crying, while twin two gently stroked his arm, as if to comfort him.

One of my most precious memories is of the sight of them when they were newborn, bundled up into their tiny hospital crib, nose to nose as they slept, curled around each other like kittens in a basket. Even now when I check on them at night I am overwhelmed with love for my two perfect babies. It's like all those emotions I felt when I gazed at my single sons, doubled, and I am a glutton for it.

Another benefit of two is that there is never a shortage of cuddles. When grandmas and friends swoop in and snatch one away, mummy still gets a look in with the second one, which in a strange way has made me feel closer to my twins, despite the fact that with them my attention has been spread thinner.

I love they way they have started to chirrup at each other, and smile when they catch sight of one another. As my single babies started to sit up and pay attention to the world, they wanted mummy's undivided attention to keep them amused, my twins have found something far more diverting - each other. All babies love other babies, and mine are lucky enough to have one to play with all the time.

The feeling that is the best of all though is having my arms, lap and tummy covered in squirming, soft, warm babies. Just like cake and biscuits, one deliciously smiley, chubby baby is simply not enough.

And of course once you have been a mother to twins, there is simply nothing you can't do, so the world is your oyster if you can just get out of the house to catch it....

If you know anyone who is having twins, please feel free to share these few happy thoughts about what's in store as I am sure that there will be plenty of people only too ready share their opinions on how hard and horrible it's going to be.


  1. I love that thought about being able to share them with someone else and still have them at the same time.

    Since blogging, I NEVER say to a mum "Oh, are they twins?", and now hang my head in shame at the number of times I said it in the past. I now know that a mum with twins needs as little conversation from strangers when she is out and about as possible, and that actually, yes, it's pretty obvious they are twins.

  2. Ahh lovely post, you have taken me back to when mine were sharing the same cot - so gorgeous! And your right a constant stream of negativity from EVERYONE - suprisingly none of them have twins themselves. It gets better, mine now tickle each other and laugh together, hold hands, cuddle and kiss one another, it melts my heart, they are so loving. None of that is based on todays antics however but thanks for reminding me how lucky i am!

  3. I loved this post.

    You are a lucky lucky lady to have doubled up everything :).

  4. Iota, I am thinking of starting a campaign that requires everyone who meets a twin mummy to say how lucky she is, just to cheer her up on those stereo screaming days.

    TWOB - I will admit to not feeling quite as gooey (at least emotionally) after twin one threw up all down my back today, while my other two insisted in rushing through the result.

    IM - Aww shucks - I thank you.

  5. Am forwarding this post to 2 friends of mine who are currently expecting twins.

    Also there is an award for you over at mine.

  6. Ah yes, nothing better than the two of them trying to climb on your lap... plus when they make each other laugh you can't help but join in (even if they are being naughty!). Thanks fraught mummy for forwarding...