Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A good telling off

Forgive me for thinking that it was the parent's job to tell the children off. I am sure that is the way round it is meant to be, but someone forgot to mention that to my boys. I am forever in the dog house with my sons for transgressions which range from the trivial to more serious misdemeanours.

My eldest is always putting me right on everything from when I get a word wrong in a book I am reading to him, to my weakness for exaggerations like "I have told you a million times to brush your teeth", which he never fails to point out is patently incorrect. He also feels that I am slack in my role as his PA and often upbraids me for failing to remind him to do things like attend his music lessons, bring his school jumper downstairs or hand in his homework. If any of these things is forgotten it is obviously all my fault.

Clearly this is where his little brothers have picked it up from. They are both forever saying to me "Mummy you are a very naughty boy, you must got and sit on the naughty step", particularly when I am asking them to do something they don't want to do, such as stop watching television or put their shoes on.

It's not just me who is roundly reprimanded by the twins though. The other morning Mr FDMTG, our resident breakfast chef, was a little slow in providing a bowl of cereal for demanding little twin one, who responded by saying: "For goodness sake, you're annoying me".

Though my  husband did point out that he must be getting this attitude from somewhere, at which point we both looked a little shamefaced. Perhaps we really do deserve a good telling off for teaching our boys that the only way to get what you want is to bossily demand it.

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