Friday, 6 January 2012

The London Marathon

I am not sure who is more scared by my decision to enter the London Marathon, me or my husband. I have to not only run 26.2 miles in just under four months time, but also have to raise a mammoth £2,000 in sponsorship for my chosen charity, The North London Hospice. But he has to take on the role of running widower until I pass the finish line on 22 April. 

I not sure who has the most bum deal of those two prospects, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might just be him. For while I am daunted by the fundraising as I hate begging for cash, I have been longing to run a marathon ever since I started taking my running more seriously and I am very excited that my goal is now in sight.  

The trouble is that serious training and motherhood are deeply incompatible. A half hour jog around the park is hard enough to fit in around activities, feeding times and generally keeping the children entertained, but try getting out for 3 hour runs every weekend - I see some early rising on the horizon as soon as it is light enough. 

So whenever anyone is impressed by my running exploits, I know that they should really be in awe of my husband's generosity of spirit in shouldering the burden of the childcare while I run off leaving him holding the boys. I am forever grateful to him and I hope he knows how much I appreciate his support. I hope I will make him proud enough on the day to forget all the times I am sure I will drop him in it with grumpy, mucky and unruly children over the next few months. 

So Mr FDMTG thank you in advance and if I do make it past the finish line I shall hand my medal right over to you as you will deserve it far more than I do. 

If you feel like sponsoring me in this foolhardy endeavour then click on the London Marathon logo above or visit It's for a great cause and unlike bigger charities you can be sure that your money will really go towards helping the hospice. It is entirely funded by donations so if you can spare anything it really will help. 

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