Sunday, 19 July 2009

All about me

A big fat thank you to Who's the Mummy? for letting me know that my baby blog has won a place (albeit number 93) in the Top 100 Parent Blogs. I am now proudly displaying my first blogging badge, though fear I may now become as obsessed with my chart position as an aspiring pop starlet.

She also nominated me to complete a meme and describe seven of my personality traits, so here goes:

Brave (or stupid) - I have four boys aged five and under, what more evidence do you need?

Organised - Shh. Don't tell anyone, but I've already bought all my son's uniform for next term and they haven't even broken up yet. Apparently this makes me sickening.

Pessimistic - The glass in not only half empty, it's cracked and the contents is draining away before my eyes.

Gluttonous - I see food, I eat it. I see scales, I hide. Enough said.

Argumentative - See that last word? It's mine.

Forthright - If I have an opinion I'm not afraid to share it, which is good if you are an editor in search of a writer prepared to froth at the mouth in print for money or bad if you are my husband trying to watch Formula 1 in peace.

Arty - Which is really just another way of saying I am crap at maths.

Now like all good memes I pass on the challenge to seven more bloggers Nappy Valley Girl, A Modern Mother, More than just a mother, Rebel Mother, Are we nearly there yet mummy? And 1 More Means Fourand A place of my own


  1. Congratulations number 93 from number 92!

  2. I just hope the only way is up!

  3. Congratulations on your award. Well deserved I feel.

    Thanks for the tag, it will pass some time while I am waiting. It is a good one too, requiring some thought on my part!

  4. Well done on 'charting' - I was surprised to find myself in there as well although I seem to have dropped nine places, no idea why!

    Thanks for the tag, too - enjoyed reading yours (you're definitely forthright although had no idea you were so pessimistic!)

  5. well done!! and thanks for the tag i have already done it but thank you for thinking of me xxxxx

  6. Full of admiration for your number 93... well done!! Found you through your number 93... will be back, you make me laugh!

  7. Hello! Popped over coz I havent been for a bit and look at you!

    Congrats on making the Top 100 Blogs! Fab!

    Love the Arty bit - made me laugh!

    And thanks for the tag