Friday, 24 July 2009

On the road

Another quickie as I am currently drowning in an angry swell of packing, but I thought I had better post that I survived - just - my close encounter with my four boys. Actually as long as you stick to a routine as rigid as rigor mortis it's not too bad, but any deviation (like swanning off to a business meeting as I did today) and that way chaos lies. At least it's a lesson learned.

Tomorrow morning we hit the road for wet Wales so it will be radio silence until I report back from the wilds of the West, so it's over and out from us and remember to wave as you see our travel cot fly past out of the roof box on the M4.


  1. lol at the travel cot bit...hope you have fun in wales and i'll be wishing for warmer weather for you :)

  2. Many, many congrats on surviving with all 4. Yikes - I still struggle with two! Enjoy Wales and when you come back there is 'post-holiday-blues-beating' award for you over at my place. HCM.

  3. Well done you - it's not an easy thing. You're so right about routine being the key!

  4. Chaos and parenthood - who would want anything else!!!

    Hope you have a lovely time