Monday, 13 July 2009

Tweetie pie

At last my baby blog is growing up and I'm learning to Tweet. Not sure I am quite up to Stephen Fry's level of sharing just yet, but it will be good for those off the cuff, 140 character rants we all need from time to time.

In an attempt to share with more Tweeting mummys I've also joined up to TwitterMoms. See the widget below for some more of their blogs - good, bad or indifferent, I wouldn't know, but they promised me that joining up would get me more followers.

Sometimes this blogging lark is like a cult. It's got its own language, etiquette and the goal is to convert as many readers as possible to your own brand of worldly wisdom. I promise I won't be handing out cherryade anytime soon though, so you are safe in my hands.

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network


  1. I've resisted so far, but I can see I am going to have to capitulate at some point and join the twitter side. Just worried that I'll never be able to step away from the computer. Will you blog about how you find it for us non twitters?

    I'll do it one day when I have some spare energy....

  2. Well so far I've managed a whole three updates, none of which were exactly earth shattering, but I will of course keep you posted should something more interesting happen.

  3. I am now follwing you on Twitter. I love it but I do not have a lot to do at the moment other than trying to keep busy and sending get out of there vibes to the baby. I will admit that I have found it great during pregnancy, particularly as when I am worried about something all the nice Mum tweeters out there put my mind at rest about various things.

  4. Dancinfairy - ooo exciting - thanks for following me and ensuring I am no longer Billy no mates. When's the baby due? Is this your first?

  5. I started on Twitter, but found that 140 are not enough so I started blogging! I've followed you on Twitter :-)

  6. Have you joined British Mummy Bloggers?
    I couldn't see the banner on your blog. There are 400+ members so that may get you some more followers :-)

  7. I'm resisting too, because I already spend far too much time on Facebook and Twitter seems to me pretty much the same as a status update.....

    you'll have to let me know if it's worth it.